Donation value

Any donation in kind and cash are welcome. Regular deworming, farrier workshops and education progams are the 3 main activities which need a constant supply of medicine ; training of skilled farriers and responsible owners. Your cash donations will be used to maintain such activities

  1. To continue the on-ground work with local pony owners in Cambodia.
  2. To empower the local community to achieve a sustainable lifestyle as a model for strengthening similar communities elsewhere.
  3. To foster animal welfare and create awareness of its impact on human welfare.

We are incredibly grateful to organisations who support our values and share our vision of improving pony welfare by empowering pony owners throughout Cambodia. If you are interested in learning more about how you could support CPWO through your organisation or business, then please do get in touch with Porleng Van , Co funder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  1. Local grooming tool (5 sets): can use to groom on 5 ponies
  2. Thermometer (5 pcs): veterinary tool to train 5 village vets
  3. Stethoscope (2 pcs): veterinary tool to train 5 village vets

  1. Calcium (1 bag:50kg): for supplement food to provide to 5 ponies for eat 2 1/2 months.
  2. Soybean (1 bag:50kg): for supplement food
  3. Electrolyte (1 bucket:5kg): for supplement food
  1. Finadyne (2 bottles): for treatment 5-10 colic cases
  2. BST (5 cans): for treat respiratory 5 cases
  3. IV fluid (8 boxes): for treat dehydration 4 cases



  1. Yea-Sac and Bio-Moss (3 gallons): for prevention and treatment diarrhea case
  2. Tetanus vaccine (15 doses): for prevention Tetanus to 5 ponies in 1 year
  3. Ivermectin (29 bottles): for prevention internal parasite to 435 ponies in 3 months
  1. Local + standard farrier tool (1 set): for training 1 local farrier
  2. Local + standard saddler tool (1 set): for training 1 local saddler
  3. Surra vaccine (12 bottles): for prevention & treatment 24 surra cases in 6 months