Study cases

Study Cases are actual intervention cases that we have uncountered in the Kingdom during our raod-trips in the provinces. We will hereby report of any new challenges or cases found and discovered on our journeys

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“Second Village Vet Workshop”

The second village vet workshop on equine in Cambodia, there are 18 village vets attended. The more interesting workshop for village vets and happy to join by pony owners during field visit. Incredible, all the attendees are powerful and done very well in both theory and practical field visit. They create HBC exercise by them self and doing this exercise with 29 pony owners in Koh Reah. The most interesting is they mad pony owners share their ideas and find out the common problems that happened in their communities then discussing to solve and prevent the problems by them self. To be a great veterinarian not only treats the cases, but solve and prevent the problems are the main way should be done afterward.



Mr. Kul Truoy is a pony owner in Thmey commune. His pony has injury that cause by car accident and it is a very serious wound and very deep on the head. Fortunately he contacted CPWO and the team with mobile clinic are working in the communities near his place.

He said:  

" I was very happy that CPWO have established in Cambodia and come to help my pony on time. If don’t have CPWO, i will sold my pony to the slaughterhouse because I worry when I keep my pony will died, in my communities no one can treat him. I would like to say thank you so much to CPWO that help my pony, he recover right now."

At the end, he said more, he would like CPWO comes to visit his community regularly to help the ponies to have more good welfare. He promised to CPWO that he will do the practical what CPWO has taught him to make his pony healthy. Now He starts to give calcium to his pony as our recommend. 


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The first village vet workshop on equine in Cambodia. The most interesting workshop for village vets and pony owners, local news and TV that organize by Cambodia Pony Welfare Organization and Endorse by Government Department of Animal Health and Production in purpose to improve horse and pony welfare and reduce emergency cases in rural area.



Miss Kuy Vanny one of Veterinary Medicine Student at Royal University of Agriculture in year 2010-2014. She said that “I am very interesting with CPWO because of this organization provided me more knowledge such as: new practical techniques, how to handle pony, basic checking pony vital sign, know about some diseases and proper using medicines, practical in laboratory like Blood Smear and Floatation Test. Doing Human Behavior Change (HBC) exercise with the pony owners in the communities and especially I met more new experiments.

I am so cheerful to know CPWO and at the end I would like CPWO announce to choose more new student vet in University for volunteer annually”.